2-Liter Cooler Bag – BLUE

If you love cold sips of water on the trail, this cooler bag – sleve has you covered. It fits most 2-liter reservoirs. It can be used while ski touring in the winter and backpacking through hot desert conditions. It keeps the water cold in the hot days and protects content from freezing in the winter times. 

Enjoy it all year long, through both hot and cold weather.


  • Durable, thermally insulative and water resistant
  • Keeps drinks cool all day long
  • Protects the reservoir
  • It can be used for snack and drinks also
  • The handle enables you to easily carry it wherever you may need it
  • It has a special outlet on the back for the reservoir tube
  • Protects from freezing
  • Protects from condensation
  • Double strong stitchings
  • Made of best quality ripstop-honeycomb material

Shipping Weight: 3.84 Oz

  • Package dimension: 16.5 x 8.6 x 0.7 in