Trekking Poles with Accessories – BLUE

FREEMOVE Trekking Poles are the newest technological achievement considering only the best material, the versatility of use and efficiency.  If You want to choose the best poles for your particular usage, then you’re in the right place. Collapsible poles are easy to use: you simply extend them and lock the sections into place. They are made to take almost no space.

Consider the Flip-Locks are more reliable and easier to use than twist locks.


  • Fully adjustable and collapsible
  • Made of extra strong, light and flexible aluminum 7075 that will not break where other carbon trekking poles will
  • The precise collapsible telescopic quick lever locking mechanism allows adjusting the length to your liking with one simple move
  • The soft natural cork grips with extra extended foam grips provide comfort and quick adjustment of the hight of your grip depending on the terrain. They don’t fatigue your hand or skin when you hold them for hours.
  • The soft padded and easily adjustable wrist straps for additional comfort, stability, and grip control on your hikes and walks.
  • Each walking stick has a heavy-duty tungsten carbide tip that increases traction


  • Full set of accessories: : 4 x rubber pads, 2 x mud baskets, 2 x snow baskets. 2 x storage clips
  • Carry bag

Shipping Weight: 27.52 Oz

  • Package dimension: 27 x 5.1 x 2.4 in