Cleaning Tablets – 24 pack

FREEMOVE biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning tablets are specially made for easily refreshing your water and drinks storage without any efforts. Ideal for hydration reservoirs, hydro flasks, water bottles, coffee tumblers, traveling stainless steel mugs, thermos and other drinking containers.

Each tablet works like as charm – effectively rinse away all stubborn stains and odors and refreshes the inside.


  • Natural, chlorine free, biodegradable and environmentaly safe
  • Remove stains and odors
  • Leave no unwanted side effects and It’s perfectly safe to drink after cleaning
  • A perfect accessory for cleaning all FREEMOVE water reservoirs or any other hydration packs
  • Either is your bottle or container made of stainless steel, plastic or any other material the tablets will work like a charm without using any extra cleaning equipment


It is simple and easy:

  1. Fill the reservoir/bottle/container with warm water.
  2. Then drop a tablet in and leave to work for about 15 – 30 min.
  3. After that pour out the water, rinse it with fresh tap water and you are ready to go.

No unwanted side effects.

Totally safe. Your new water filled into the cleaned resevoir/bottle/container will be tasty fresh.

If your hydration pack needs more intensive cleaning then add a tablet or two and leave them for several hours or overnight. The bubbles will do all the magic. After the process, the sediments and all that stubborn stains and odors will be gone. No special skills or cleaning tools are required.

Shipping Weight: 3.20 Oz

  • Package dimension: 5,9 x 3.9 x 0.95 in