SPIDER Illuminated Reflective Vest

The revolutionary SPIDER 360° – Illuminated and Reflective Vest – is a trailblazer in the realm of running accessories and reflective gear, setting a new standard for safety and style. Our vest employs cutting-edge lighted optic fibers for unparalleled illumination. It’s not just bright, it’s brilliantly radiant and reflective, ensuring supreme visibility from every angle.

Lightweight and supremely comfortable, it features a front quick-snap-on button with velcro closure for effortless donning and removal. Universally accommodating, it fits sizes from XS to XXL without the need for mid-run adjustments. 

Wear it effortlessly over your T-shirt or winter jacket – a companion for all seasons and weather conditions. And worry not about jostling or movement while on the move; it stays in place faithfully.

Discover the convenience of a zippered pocket that accommodates phones of all sizes, including the iPhone 14 Max/Plus. Your smaller essentials like cards, keys, and snacks find a secure haven too.

 The magic lies within the optic fibers – emission-free and heat-resistant – offering you a palette of 7 vibrant colors and a multicolor mode.

The SPIDER safety vest boasts a sleek profile, housing an integrated Lithium rechargeable battery with a robust 400mAh capacity, empowering you for up to 8 hours on a single charge (duration varies with color selection).

Runners, walkers, E-bikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, and E-scooter enthusiasts – embrace the innovation that elevates your safety while amplifying your style. The SPIDER 360° Illuminated and Reflective Vest: Your path to brilliance in motion.


  • 360° illumination with front and back reflectivity
  • 1/4 mile visibility
  • Visible in all weather conditions, during the day, at dusk or night
  • For different outdoor sports activities
  • Easy fit via velcro and 2 snap buttons
  • Useful zippered pocket
  • For men, women and kids


Fits sizes from XS to XXL.


  • Super bright optical fiber
  • Reflectivity standard EN20471
  • Rain and sweat resistant
  • Integrated Lithium rechargeable battery with 400 mAh capacity
  • Ultralight Only 4oz / 115g


  • 1-pcs Micro USB charging cable